GILDED AGE: Luncheon with the Curator

October 30, 2019
Mary McIntire, Executive Director of the Darien Historical Society

Cyndy Stamm (left) member of the Exhibition Committee with Ulla Kremer, Office Manager

Babs White, Costume Curator, ready at the podium

The group gathers in the exhibition space

Lovely spread ready for the visitors!

INSIDE OUT: Evening Reception with the Curator

November 5, 2015


September 16, 2014

Sally Conant with Babs White
The Darien Historical Society welcomed Sally Conant, Ph D. for a talk about caring for textiles. A former museum professtional, Dr. Conant founded and operates Orange Restoration Labs, the largest gown preservation service in New England. She frequently serves as a consultant to museums and historical societies. 

Dr. Conant discussed how to display your treasured textiles in your home, basic and advanced methods to care for stains, some quick fixes to stains (water, club soda, baking soda, cornstarch, salt, baby powder, baby wipes, lighter fluid, white-out, shoe polish) and the best available wet cleaning aids for deep cleanings. She presented the proper storage options for clothing and the best long-term storage choices for linens, lace, and quilts including proper acid-free storage materials and whether to store flat or rolled.

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