The Darien Historical Society maintains an extensive collection of historic dress with over 3,000 items from over 700 donors. Curator Babs White believes that clothing and accessories are the best artifacts we have, showing the taste, social and economic standings plus technological advances of the time. The Darien Historic Dress Collection includes a large selection of men's, women's, and children's clothing and accessories from the mid eighteenth century to the present. A volunteer committee and student interns take great pride in caring for the items. 

With this database, some of the collection will be made available to a wide audience of researchers and public alike.  Online access will allow students of costume and cultural history to examine the archives. Each post will feature a photo and information, along with tags to other items. This will allow visitors the ability to make connections between garments and accessories, for a fuller picture of what people were wearing. Essays on the website will also highlight noteworthy selections and ongoing events or exhibitions.


Babs White, Curator
Jane Jansen Seymour, Digital Archivist
Sadie Harrison, Research Advisor
Liz Gessner, Creative Consultant

Darien Historical Society
45 Old King’s Highway
Darien, CT 06820